Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Questions
  • Pricing
  • Assistant Coach Access
  • Technology
  • Common Wristband Questions

General Questions

  • Are these wristbands for offense or defense?
  • Do you sell the physical wristbands?
  • What size wristbands do you support?


  • Can I try the software before I purchase a membership?
  • Are there any limitations during the trial period?
  • Do I have to pay a license fee before I use the software?
  • Can I purchase a membership using a Purchase Order?
  • What will happen to the wristbands I created during my trial membership?
  • If I downgrade my membership to a lesser-priced plan, will I lose the wristbands that were created under the higher-priced plan?
  • Can I purchase a subscription for just certain times of year?
  • If I cancel my subscription, will I lose the documents I created under my account?
  • Do you offer a lifetime membership?

Assistant Coach Access

  • If I sign up for a premium membership, do my assistant coaches need to sign up separately?
  • If I give one of my assistant coaches access, what changes will they be able to make?
  • If I have assistant coach access under someone else's account, can I also purchase my own membership?
  • My assistant coach is already a member of New Diamond Sports. How do I give them access to my account?
  • Can I remove access that I granted to an assistant coach?
  • Can I give access to someone that is not an assistant coach?


  • Will the New Diamond Sports software run on a mobile phone?
  • What are your minimum system requirements?

Common Wristband Questions

  • Why is the font on my wristband card so small?
  • Why don't the signs on my wristband card match the coaches card?
  • Can I fit two wristbands on a coaches card?
  • How do I request a new feature?

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